10 mai, Université Concordia - Campus Loyola

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Distributing Power; Increasing Agility Through Decision-making

Being human can get in the way of distributing power even when you know it is the best direction and required for economic viability. While many governance processes include participatory decision making, the human side frequently gets left out. To take the understanding of self-managed teams and organizations and apply it to decision making combines sound process with personal and professional growth.

Moving ideas into action can feel like riding a bicycle uphill backwards so in this workshop you’ll practice some simple hacks to apply to team-based decisions and add on practices that apply to working with diverse perspectives.

While learning will be customized to hone in on what you bring in the room, you’ll learn:

  • Why conflict and tension is needed for growth – the energy and choices available
  • How to insert disruption to avoid complacency
  • How to use diversity to increase performance along with a on bias and how it impacts decisions

You’ll design:

  • A decision-making framework to know who to engage at what stage – a selection of processes.

A portion of this workshop is dedicated to directly working with questions you bring into the room. Questions may be related to:

  • the stage you are in with respect to distributing power through self-management, or
  • complex decisions with multiple possible options or outcomes, or
  • on the relevance and application of models such as the Cynefin model to complexity for instance.

All concepts in this workshop scale from personal to team to organizational application.


Design Thinking, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Systems Theory are all powerful innovation processes – but none of them have offered the complete package. For the first time ever we have a practical integration of the best of these three approaches – dealing with social innovation, technical innovation and centered deeply on full involvement of all stakeholders. Our friend David Cooperrider says it best…

This work is about people being inspired every day and bringing their whole selves to work; it’s about innovation arising from everywhere; and it’s about realizing remarkable relationship value with stakeholders (patients, citizens, employees, communities, and the biosphere) —unprecedented, enduring advantage and benefit.

People Powered INNOVATION …

  • Involves people from across the enterprise, the network or the ecosystem in the discovery of what works, what energizes them, and what they hope for and then innovating based on those discoveries.
  • Focuses on what the world is calling for from us, what we want to create and what opportunities, resources and strengths we have to do that.
  • Invites us to learn our way into the future through rapid prototyping and field testing.
  • Ensures that solutions are systemic – taking into account the needs of the people, the needs of the customer/patient/client and the needs of the organization and the communities within which it lives.

As a PARTICIPANT you will …

  • Have hands on experience applying some of the tools and ideas which support People Powered INNOVATION to an actual innovation challenge
  • Experience the complementarity of Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking and Open Systems Theory.
  • Engage in dialogues about when, where and how to use these ideas to create successful innovation in business and organization models, in service delivery processes and in relationships, coordination and collaboration between functions and across levels.