Call to Speakers

Become once again the authors of our individual and collective lives.


We are all facing a reality that constantly changes and where the usual landmarks are no longer working. Whether in the private sphere or at work, it’s now time to find a balance and let go. Let’s actually connect!

To highlight the 5th edition of Spark the Change Montreal, we will address various themes that will allow everyone to be inspired and equipped to become the author of their life again and thus contribute to greater collective well-being. Come and share your experience on mindfulness, the importance of safe spaces, benevolent leadership, collective intelligence, authenticity and many more.

Our planning team is seeking workshop hosts to inspire and equip our community with tools and practices to elicit and promote change. Within the context described above, the three themes we’d like your support on are:

  1. Building ourselves: Reconnect with oneself (equipping ourselves as change practitioners to recharge batteries and maintain psychological balance on a personal level, as well as on a professional level)
  2. Building teams and communities: Reconnect with the Other (Cultivate authenticity, empathy and collaboration around oneself)
  3. Building organizations: Bringing out the sense of the collective… by making  a living space as much as a work space (kindful leadership, providing flexibility allowing individuals to develop the first two points in their professional environment)

The limit date to submit your proposal is March 18 2022.

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