Call to Speakers

The Transitional 20s.


From digital transformation to climate change, artificial intelligence to greater employee empowerment, to the realization that we (people, business, community, planet) are all interconnected in some way, we are at the onset of this century’s version of the roaring 20s. The Transitional 20s: From Ego to Eco.

As the planning team, we are seeking workshop hosts to equip our community with inspiration, tools, and practices to elicit and promote change. Within the context described above, the three themes we’d like your support on are:

  1. Building ourselves (equipping ourselves as change practitioners with new skills,
    abilities and self-awareness, etc.)
  2. Building teams and communities (new types of leadership model, new employee
    empowerment, etc.)
  3. Building organizations (new organisational roles, structures and practices that will prevail in the 20s)

The limit date to submit your proposal is February 14 2020.

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