What is Spark the Change?

Spark the Change is an event to give people INSPIRATION, TOOLS and PRACTICES to be(come) change agents and increase the impact of their organizations transformation efforts.

Change agents are experts that will mobilize and influence systems, whether it’s internally or externally, in order to facilitate changes in organizations. They contribute to changes that are fundamental and sustainable, in ecosystems that live within those organizations.

We help people see their contribution to society, find their “why” or have difficult conversations are some of those examples.

After experiencing both days of Spark the Change, participants are inspired, confident and motivated by all the energy received and the experienced emotions they went through during the event. They will discover new tools, innovating practices and ideas that will help them accomplish their mission: change the world.

What is different about Spark the Change Montreal?

The two-days event has some worldwide famous keynotes and also a number of original and educational interactive workshops.

Facilitators invite participants through creative ways to get out of their comfort zone. Workshops are based on exchanges and generate meaningful connections.

Conferences are presented by inspiring leaders who have realized many big changes and who want to share their learnings. They are all questioning the status quo.

At Spark the Change Montreal, French and English live together. The mix of both cultures contributes to the richness and the distinctive touch of the event.

Spark the Change Montreal is different from many other events in the city since it is human oriented and has no promotional or publicity interest. You will never see a booth or solicitation during the event. Many appreciate the neutrality and the liberty it gives.

Who is this event for?

Participants of Spark the Change Montreal come from all industries and expertise. They all want to learn new ways to accomplish their mission of challenging organizations and their people.

Human resources, organizational development, change management, management and agility are amongst the most common backgrounds. Everyone is passionate about human beings and are willing to share and learn from one another in order to accompany those humans through technology change, climate change or any other innovation we can experience through work.

For external change agents, inviting clients to live Spark the Change with them is agolden opportunity. This experience could nurture the relationship and facilitate the changes on which they are working together.

Rewarding and strengthening team spirit

Spark the Change Montreal is a wonderful occasion to connect with coworkers in a relaxed and positive environment.

The event is perfect to work on team spirit, collaboration and cooperation. Spark the Change Montreal can provide special prices for groups of 5 people and more.

Giving employees a two-days training where they can learn while having fun is a great way to let them know their worth and have them live an extraordinary experience. And everyone knows how much millennials like living inspiring and enlightening experiences!

Living Spark the Change is certainly a good reason to get them to stay withyour organization.

The quality of Spark the Change Montreal

The year 2020 will mark the fourth edition of Spark the Change Montreal, now a major event not to be missed.

Always organized in a professional way by experienced volunteers, participants are always impressed with the quality of the program and the overall experience.

The organizational committee of Spark the Change Montreal welcomes all change agents at the event so we can create better organizations by making the workplace more human. Spark the Change Montreal is THE event to ignite your inner flame.

See you there!

Report de la 4e édition en 2021

Parce que la COVID-19 exige actuellement à la société de grands changements, Spark the Change Montréal participe à l’effort collectif et reporte sa 4e édition au 28 et 29 avril 2021.

Pour l’instant, nous pouvons vous confirmer que nos quatre conférenciers principaux seront au rendez-vous en 2021. Bonne nouvelle, non?

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Merci à tous les Sparkers pour votre compréhension.

4th Edition Postponed to 2021

Because the COVID-19 requires society to make major changes in their day-to-day activities, Spark the Change Montreal takes part in this collective effort and postpone its 4th edition to April 28 and 29, 2021.

One great news we have, is that our four main speakers have confirmed their participation for next year event. Isn’t that great!

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Thank you to all the Sparkers for your understanding.

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