Learn about 2021 Spark the Change Montreal 4th edition keynotes and speakers through enlightening interviews. During 30-45 minutes meetings, these change experts share with us what they are all about, their passions, their interests.  They present their professional path and their approach to change management. As a bonus, they identify main challenges imposed by COVID-19 sanitary conditions. These change management professionals outline potential solutions to this new situation for which organizations and individuals must adapt and make changes to their work approach. 

Enhanced Experience

Just like all the past years, this 4th edition will propose many workshops among which you will have to make choices. Viewing the videos will help you make well-informed choices that will better correspond to your interests and aspirations. Thus, your level of satisfaction and your global experience at Spark the Change Montreal 2021 will be enhanced. 

Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with our speakers and workshop facilitators. Not only will you learn more about them and their approach, but you will also find plenty of tips and advice to help you adapt to the new work environment imposed by the pandemic.

Happy viewing!

Anne Pertus - The Pillars

[French interview]

Anne Pertus, co-founder of the consulting firm The Pillars, speaks fondly of those cutting-edge leaders who put people at the center of organizations.
Motivated by the sharing of knowledge, she gives us ideas and tools to reinvent the place of the individual in the organisation that now operates in telework.

Rémi Tremblay

[French interview]

Rémi Tremblay, author of ”J’ai perdu ma montre au fond du lac” (I lost my watch at the bottom of the lake), tells us about La Maison des leaders, its origin and its raison d’être. We explore with Rémi the state of mind behind La Maison des leaders and who makes up his community. Finally, Rémi tells us about the impact of the pandemic on the daily life of the House of Leaders.

Stéphanie Bossé

[French interview]

Stéphanie Bossé, a dynamic, curious and passionate entrepreneur, introduces us to Percolab.
She tells us about the book ”Going Horizontal” and the new reality of teleworking.

Vikas Narula

Meet Vikas Narula, who was part of our first Spark events in Montreal (2017 and 2018). We’re happy to have him back in 2021 to present us his new tool for mapping networks in a real-time fashion. In this video you’re going to hear about Keyhubs, his company, what they’re working on, and he’s going to reveal a little bit of himself through his passion for hugs, devotional chanting and harmonium.
Also, you’ll hear the story of his encounter with George Floyd and his memories of the “big guy” who was so positive and happy on his sailing boat.

Jon Husband

Jon Husband is fascinated by human behavior: “Why do people do what they do?”. As early as the late 90s, he already understood that the speed of communication brought by the internet would completely change our lives and especially our work environment. Since then, Jon has been a trendsetter with promoting new management concepts such as soft management, flattening hierarchy, decentralization, collaboration, usage of networking to operate more effectively, and last, but not least, the wirearchy. In this interview, he explains how he is struck by how COVID-19 brought us suddenly in this work environment that he has always promoted. 

Petula Guimaraes

[Bilingual Interview]

Discover Pétula Guimaraes (pronounced Guimarinsse). As far back as she can remember, she has always known how to adapt because change is natural. A useful posture, especially when working in organizational transformation. She helps her clients go further in these changing spaces.  To do so, she takes the paths where there is the least resistance and applies the strategy of small steps. Find her at her workshop “Systems Thinking 101, or the art of thinking holistically”.

Céline Raguette and Louise Kold

[Bilingual Interview]

Céline Raguette, professional coach and co-founder of TranZparence and Louise Kold share with us what Theory U has brought them. “Begin with yourself to serve the greater good”. They tell us about their journey and the importance of going back to the essentials, including listening, presence and collaboration. Meet them at the bilingual workshop: “Applied Theory U: Powerful Coaching Circles / Théorie U in action through the powerful coaching circle”.

Lesley Antoun

[French Interview]

In this interview, Lesley Antoun presents her career path, her approach and the challenges and opportunities that the pandemic has put in her path. Engineer by training, she has accumulated a great deal of work experience by working for large organizations for more than 22 years. Now freelance consultant for the last four years, she defines her mission as helping individuals, teams and companies develop and define clear strategies based on their vision. Meet her on April 27th at 3pm in her workshop entitled Ecosystem Strategy.

Guedwig Bernier

[French Interview]

Guedwig Bernier is both Director of Sales and Engineering at a telecom company and President of Projet Montréal, the political party whose leader Valérie Plante is currently the Mayor of Montréal. He came to this position after an outstanding involvement in social development. He offers us a different perspective on diversity that is remarkably interesting (“diversity of backgrounds”, “diversity in interactions”, and not only based on skin color); he also talks about systemic racism, the difference between traditional and social media and the consequences of their editorial choices, as well as the changes observed in society in times of pandemic.

Guedwig also lays the table on the importance of human relations, listening and offering help to those around us. In short, a fascinating interview, rich in hot topics affecting various facets of today’s society.

Jesus Mendez

[French Interview]

Jesus Mendez walks us through his first Quebec Winter (!), his Agile coach role and of if Venezuelan past before his 2008 arrival in the province of Quebec with warmth and wit.

Jesus talks about his transition from software developers to Scrum Master and then Agile coach, as well as the learning and challenges that came along those transitions.

Find out how being part of a singing choir has been such an important part of Jesus’s life.

Lastly, Jesus shares the challenges and opportunities provided by his role, the privileges and responsibilities that come with his career and how important it is for him to see the people he works with having a fulfilled life.

Eva Pomeroy

Discover Eva Pomeroy, Head of Research at the Presencing Institute, part of the faculty team that offers u.lab.
In the conversation, she talks eloquently about how she discovered Theory U (“I was surprised by the profound transformative learning experience at u.lab”) herself, and how it’s increasingly perceived as a natural way of thinking about change.

Then, it goes on from structure (“It’s a challenge to structure an organisation so that everyone can consciously connect with what energizes them in the moment, to find a place for that and at the same time contribute to the whole purpose of the organisation”) to the impact of COVID on her work and on our common social future.

Luc Lesperance

[French Interview]

Luc Lespérance works at Deloitte in Human Capital Practice, on the Future of Work. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the future has become now!Several exciting topics are addressed in this interview that touch on many aspects of the impacts of technology and telework on organizations and individuals: bringing more meaning to work, the long-term impact of telework on mental health, the human being overwhelmed by the rapid emergence of new technologies, the widening gap between those who benefit from technology and those who lag, the ever-narrowing gap between the worker and the individual, etc.

In the not-so-distant future, at the height of automation, what will remain is the human being, his creativity, his sensitivity, and his network of contacts. A conclusion that gives all its meaning to Spark the Change MTL, your appointment to meet people all interested in the human.

Emmanuel Bochud

[French Interview]

Emmanuel Bochud is passionate about human relations. Consultant and independent trainer, he enjoys creating connections between people and helping them develop their human skills. Having an atypical background, Emmanuel started his career as a street artist while studying international relations. He then united his two passions by doing social intervention using the circus arts in his practice.

Having worked for the Cirque du Soleil for about fifteen years, he has traveled all over the world and intervened with disadvantaged communities.

Join him during his workshop on April 29 where he invites you to live an experience while having a good time.

Esther Derby - Le Sprinkler

François Lavallée - Interview by Stéphanie Rivier

[French Interview]

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